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My Next Lab, also known as T-bar-B Horses, Puppies & More, LLC, is a family owned and operated hobby breeding business that has been in operation for over a decade.

Dear valued customer,

First, we would like to thank you for choosing us to provide you with your new Labrador puppy! We truly enjoy raising such amazing pups! Following, please find stipulations of our puppy guarantee: 

Outlined below is our puppy guarantee. If you would like a guarantee for your puppy, complete this contract, follow all the instructions with and return to us in the allotted time frame. Please call with any questions!

T-bar-B Horses, puppies & More Guarantee 

Breeder guarantees the dog for hereditary defects as outlined below. All veterinary, shipping and disposal costs are at the owner/buyers expense. The dog must be registered in the original owner/buyers name, and not have been sold. Guarantee is as follows: 

If the dog is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within the first two years of the animals life as having a hereditary defect that can not be medically treated or altered and will cause premature death, the owner/buyer may receive a replacement puppy as specified below: 

- Animals used for breeding prior to diagnoses are not guaranteed.
- Animals that have been abused or neglected (inclusions below) are not guaranteed.
- Animals that have been injured are not guaranteed.
- All dogs are sold in good faith of performance such as brood bitch, stud dog, show dog, field trial, or hunt test competitor.

If the dog is found with a hereditary defect as outlined above, to qualify for a replacement puppy:

A) Hereditary defect diagnostic documentation must be provided by licensed veterinarian with allotted time.
B) The dogs AKC registration returned to the breeder and must be registered in the owner/buyers name.
C) The defective dog must be euthanized by your vet and a letter from the vet stating that the dog has been euthanized must be sent to the breeder.


D) The dog must be returned to the breeder, shipping to be paid by owner/buyer.

Return Policy

Owner/Buyer must have puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice at their expense within 14-days of receipt of the puppy and documentation must be made by the vet of the dog food brand and type being administered ORNTRACT IS VOID.

* Breeder is not responsible for costs of treatment of any parasite puppies carry or any common treatment recommended at that time.  If the dog is diagnosed within the first two years of life as having a hereditary defect as outlined above and all criteria within the quarantine are met, the breeder may provide a replacement puppy of comparable or better pedigree when one is available.

*The breeder reserves the right to have the dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice before refund is made. The above requirements are necessary to enforce this guarantee and they are the owner/buyers responsibility to see that they are met. This guarantee only covers hereditary defects as stated and not physical injury, neglect or abuse. If physical injury neglect or abused, included but not limited to: choice of dog food and daily physical requirements of the breed, this guarantee is void.

*Replacement puppies may be chose from comparable pedigree, breeder shall be the sole judge of comparable pedigree. If you choose a puppy of higher value (better pedigree), the owner/buyer will pay the difference. All freight/shipping charges for theh replacement puppy are to be paid by the owner/buyer.

Contract Completion

I understand and agree to the above conditions.

Failure to return signed copy of this guarantee AND a copy of the veterinarian exam as stated under paragraph #1 of “Return Policy” within 20-days of receipt of puppy, guarantee is void.


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Our Puppy Guarantee

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